Professional videographer

Tiago Milheiro, born in Estoril, grew up beside the beach, the sea and the sun. He learned to appreciate the small and simple things in life, being, perhaps for that reason, passionate about telling inspiring stories on film.

Certified by ETIC, he soon switched from the Engineering course to the Panasonic camcorder on cassettes with which he started doing his first jobs. It was love for the first film and from then on, it never stopped. Right now he is a professional videographer with a wide portfolio of clients.

Tiago has been traveled the country from north to south and islands and he has also maintained some works outside Portugal.

As a curiosity, Tiago has already filmed everything, from funerals to surgeries. He wanted to be a Videographer! That was his goal and after going through more than 200 interviews across the country, one day, by chance, he filmed a wedding in Portugal. From then on he never left the camera and quickly realized that this was exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

That was how this project started nearly 20 years ago and which today is very proud of.

Being able to tell love stories on film is his passion.

Professional videographer